An Integrated Juvenile Justice and Substance Abuse Treatment Network where teams of professionals, relevant systems, and community members provide youth and their families with appropriate, comprehensive and individualized services that are proven effective and accountable to the community at large.

We accomplish this from the following:

More treatment – Expand current treatment capacity for substance abusing juvenile offenders, and address the need to provide treatment of co-occurring mental health issues.

Better treatment – Improve the quality of treatment by finding ways to increase staff retention and professional development and make treatment increasingly culturally effective.

More than treatment – Expand the definition and availability of treatment to include supports that will endure for youth long after professional interventions have ceased. Build into individual treatment plans the supports youth will need to complete their education, find meaningful, gainful employment, and productive leisure habits – in short – skills that will decrease the likelihood of re-offending and increasing dependence on alcohol and other drugs.

To do this, we must build an integrated system of care that includes the Division of Juvenile Justice, Office of Children’s Services, Behavioral Services, the Court, Public Defenders Agency, Office of Public Advocacy, Department of Law, Mental Health and substance abuse treatment providers – and the community that, with these formal services, represent the strengthening circles that support Reclaiming Futures youth. State and private partners have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to create this network.