Reclaiming Futures Anchorage

Anchorage Reclaiming Futures is creating new approaches to helping teens who use drugs or alcohol and have become involved in the Juvenile Justice system. Guided by the image of the Inupiaq Eskimo tradition of the blanket toss, service professionals, families of troubled youth, faith communities, tribal members, volunteer mentors and other concerned citizens pull together to help teens overcome drugs, alcohol and crime.

We are a five-year, $21 million initiative of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Our mission is to promote new opportunities and standards of care in juvenile justice.

Reclaiming Futures National Program is a new approach to helping young people in trouble with drugs, alcohol, and crime. We have 10 sites throughout the United States that are reinventing the way police, courts, detention facilities, treatment providers, and the community work together to meet this urgent need.

In addition to our 10 pilot projects, we are providing technical assistance to a small number of communities in the southeastern United States, developing judicial and community leadership, and disseminating research findings.

After five years, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will take its findings from Reclaiming Futures and create model solutions for communities across the country.

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Visit the National Program Office at http://www.reclaimingfutures.org

Futures Reclaimed: What’s Your Story?

On both an individual and institutional level sharing our stories, our experiences and lessons learned engage and inspire us. As we share stories and seek institutional changes here in Anchorage we are seeking stories of a more personal nature – yours. If you were ever in trouble with the law as a young person we would like to interview you.

As a leader in our community we want to hear how you overcame the obstacles as a young person to be where you are today. You can choose to use own name or a pseudonym.

This collection of stories is modeled after a national project called Second Chances. Second Chances is a collection of stories that was compiled to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the Juvenile Justice System. Futures Reclaimed is simply an Anchorage version of sharing stories that dispel the myth that once a young person is in trouble, they are doomed to be in trouble forever and this is vital for both adults and youth to hear.

Contact us or view Second Chances.

To view Second Chances, click here.