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Why this is needed: Each year the Division of Juvenile Justice processes more than 2000 youth through its Juvenile Intake Services. In 2001 more than 69 percent of female teens and 43 percent of male teens that were arrested tested positive for marijuana use. The substance abuse problem in Anchorage is apparent in the schools as well. Seven and one-half percent of all expulsions in the Anchorage School District’s middle and high schools are drug and alcohol related.

What we’re doing: At Reclaiming Futures Anchorage, we are working to improve the quality of alcohol and drug treatment services available to youth in our justice system. We plan to take the following action to help young people in our community:

Focus on teenagers ages 13-17 who are arrested two or more times and are representative of the ethnic diversity in the juvenile justice population
Ensure that each target youth receives a substance abuse screening and is referred for a full assessment if needed.
Ensure that a case manager works with each youth, and faciliates a strengths-driven process that includes providers as well as family and other natural helpers as inetgral members of a team that will plan treatment and services that is culturally competent and matches the youth’s needs.
Help youth connect with mentors and other natural helpers as part of the wraparound process and ensure successful completion
Engage youth in pro-social activities that will support their recovery and positive participation in the community, as directed by the youth’s individual services plan.
Work with Juvenile Justice, the courts, law and defense to create incentives and?sanctions that will encourage youth engagement in and completion of treatment .
Enlist community members as leaders who can help engage others in finding ways to support youth.
Assist in the creation of the Anchorage Youth Development Coalition and a local Juvenile Assessment Center.

Additionally, we plan to develop a mentor group, create a shared management information system, utilize a common screening, assessment, and tracking program, and provide periodic court review.

How you can get involved: If you’re interested in joining us in this important effort, please contact us at (907) 277-4177, 3350 Commercial Dr., Suite 103, Anchorage, Alaska 99501, or vshaver@aydc.org.

Core Partners

Division of Juvenile Justice
Department of Health and Social Services
Office of Children’s Services
Division of Behavioral Health
Anchorage School District
Anchorage Police Department
Alaska Court System
Alaska Public Defender Agency
Department of Administration
Office of Public Advocacy
Human Services Section
Attorney General
Volunteers of America, Alaska
Denali Family Services
Alaska Children’s Services
Cook Inlet Tribal Council