How to Help

How to Help

There are several ways to help youth ages 12 – 17 involved in the juvenile justice system.

1. Become a Natural Helper

Natural Helpers are people in the community willing to share their time with a young person. There are different levels of time commitment to fit your schedule. For example:

one time and/or one hour discussion with a young person about a career field or hobby can set the on the right course.
weekly ride to a treatment appointment will help support a youth in their recovery
year commitment to support the youth in whatever way works for both of you (going to hockey games, internship at your work)
lifelong relationship where you share your knowledge and learn too!

Natural Helpers range from people that already know the teen or someone who has never met the teen but share a particular interest. For example, a youth interested in cooking would be set up with a Natural Helper who is a Chef or owns a restaurant. Another example is a youth interested in a trade, such as becoming an electrician would work with someone at the IBEW or similar agency to involve the youth in learning more about skilled trades and training.

These Natural Helpers may or may not also attend team meetings with the youth and update the rest of the team on activities and progress. The team meetings are confidential and require a higher level of commitment on the part of the Natural Helper.

2. Donate an incentive

We provide incentives to youth who attend treatment meetings, group meetings, and team meetings. Incentives can range from free video rentals, waterpark passes, or even bus passes to attend meetings. Research has shown that the quicker you engage young people in treatment, the greater the success rate. If you have a business that provides youth-appropriate incentives or would like to contribute to a fund to purchase incentives, please contact us.

3. Help spread the word

If you belong to a professional, faith or civic group and would like us to come and speak to your group or if you have ideas or suggestions on groups we should speak to, please let us know!